Message from the Chairman

Message from Our Managing Director

Message from Our Managing Director

Assalamu Alaikum,

AR Trade International always treat clients satisfaction as its core mission and tries to repeat this satisfactory results to them each and every services. In a state of ever-growing and rapidly evolving market for information technology and system Integration, recognizing the need of a Company that can offer High quality and the lead on The Bangladesh Market, For this I founded the “AR TRADE INTERNATIONAL” On January 01, 2011. We have experienced in this sector more than 9 years.

We lead clients on their digital transformation Journey Providing innovative next generation Technology solutions and services.

Our most profound stakeholder is the Government. We pay the government taxes and dues accurately and timely. We abide by the rules and regulations applicable to our businesses. ACI is a good corporate citizen.

We develop products and provide services to satisfy the needs of our valued customers. We exist because of their support. Ensuring customer satisfaction is one of our values. We are certified under ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

We attract meritorious employees and provide them opportunity to perform to the best of their abilities. We ensure a congenial work environment, free from discrimination or favoritism. We train our employees to rise to the highest level of their individual potential. Employees are our most precious assets and empowering them is the secret of our success.

Our suppliers are chosen from those who comply with the laws of employment and protection of environment. We encourage and assist our suppliers in becoming more efficient. We ensure that our suppliers provide us materials which conform to the highest standards.

We take care of our environment. All our factories are compliant of the environmental laws. There are policies for Safety, Health and Environment which are followed meticulously.

And finally, we ensure that the company is governed under carefully considered guidelines and that the investors are adequately rewarded in the short term and their investments grow in value in a sustainable way in the long term.

We want our Shareowners to take pride in owning an investment which enables them to play a significant role in the development of our country and provide worthwhile livelihood to our people.

sign of MD Sir

Managing Director, AR Trade International

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